Special Food & Drinks

Equally exciting is the Nutella French toast bread pudding. This selection is available for $15.95 and features berries, maple syrup, toasted coconut, cream cheese, and challah. The braised pork Benedict costs $18.95 and features breakfast potatoes, crispy shallot, arugula, an English muffin, hollandaise, bacon, and poached egg. The short rib hash goes for $18.95 and features rosemary, butternut squash puree, caramelized onions, roasted potatoes, and two eggs made in a style of your choice.

The chicken club is also a wonderful choice for your weekend brunch. This selection goes for $16.95 and features lettuce, spicy ranch, heirloom tomato, grilled avocado, bacon, and sourdough. The turkey burger goes for $17.95 and features sweet red onion, roasted tomato, arugula, artisanal buns, and aioli. The restaurant also offers a cheeseburger during their weekend brunch. It goes for $17.95 and features Brandt beef, cheddar cheese, grilled onion, tomato, lettuce, artisanal buns, and Patio spread. Patio chilaquiles are available for $13.95 and feature tortilla chips, crema, avocado, cotija cheese, guajillo salsa, chicken, and two eggs made in a style of your choice.

The Bao menu offers a wonderful selection of delights that go for $4 and are served with a steamed, fluffy bao bun. One of the most popular selections under this category is the carnitas bao. It features rock sugar, peanut, cilantro, barbecue sauce, shallots, pickled cucumber, and Mexican braised pork. Karaage bao is equally exciting. It features a wonderful combination of cilantro, spicy mayo, pickled cabbage, and Japanese fried chicken. The bulgogi bao combines green onion, sriracha ketchup, kimchi, and Korean marinated beef to create an irresistible combination.

The char siu Bao is another excellent bao selection at The Patio. It features cilantro, jalapeno, barbecue sauce, carrot, pickled daikon, cucumber, and Chinese BBQ pork. The shrimp bao features cilantro, spicy mayo, pickled cabbage, and crispy fried shrimp. The pork belly comprises sprouts, pickled mustard greens, maple BBQ, and crispy pork belly. Baked tofu and vegetables are also offered under this category. This selection consists of Braggs, squash, carrot, mushroom, and tofu.

Karaage bites are also quite popular at The Patio. They cost $8 and feature Japanese fried chicken with your choice of bao chili sauce, pepper, and salt. Bulgogi street fries are available for $9 and feature a fried egg, cilantro, green onion, mayo, sriracha ketchup, kimchi, Korean marinated beef, and french fries.

Drink Specials
The Patio offers an exciting selection of specialty drinks. One of the most popular drink specials is Breaking Bad Habits. It features jalapeno, strawberry, mint, lemon, watermelon syrup, and watermelon-infused vodka. The Santanico Pandemonium features mint, lime, jalapeno, cucumber, and Blanco tequila. Endless Summer is also quite delightful. It features a wonderful combination of aromatic bitters, lime mint, cucumber, ginger, and bourbon. The electric slide features a buzz button, ginger chips, lemon juice, ginger syrup, and Milagro Blanco tequila. Uncle Buck features ginger beer, orange bitters, lemon juice, hibiscus liqueur, and Titos. In addition to specialty drinks, The Patio also offers a wide selection of wines, beers, and cocktails.

With such a wonderful lineup of meals and drinks, one thing is for certain you won’t be disappointed when you visit any of The Patio Group’s restaurants.

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